Independence Day 2023: What's Open and Closed in Philadelphia

Independence Day 2023: What's Open and Closed in Philadelphia

Independence Day: What's Open and Closed in Philadelphia?

As Philadelphia prepares to celebrate Independence Day on July 4th, many residents and visitors may wonder which stores and services will be available. From major chains to local businesses, the city offers a variety of options, so it's good to know what to expect. This guide will walk you through what's open and closed on Independence Day in Philadelphia, ensuring you can plan your day without any surprises.

Major Retailers

Several major retailers will remain open on July 4th, allowing you to continue your shopping as usual. Walmart, Sam's Club, and Target will be open, providing a convenient option for any last-minute needs. These stores generally maintain regular hours during holidays, making them reliable choices for shopping on Independence Day.

Local Businesses

While major retailers keep their doors open, some local businesses may adjust their hours. If you rely on smaller stores and local shops for your purchases, it is wise to check their schedules ahead of time. Many local businesses may choose to shorten their operating hours or close altogether to allow their staff to enjoy the holiday celebrations.

Grocery Stores

When it comes to grocery shopping, options vary across the city. Giant Food Stores will follow regular operating hours, making them a dependable stop for your grocery needs. However, Whole Foods Markets will close early at 6 p.m., so plan your visit accordingly. Acme Markets will shut their doors at 9 p.m., providing a bit more time for late shoppers. ShopRite offers limited hours as well, yet Weis Markets and Redner's will operate as normal, giving you flexible options for grocery runs.

Sports Stores

For sports fans looking to gear up, Rally House stores will welcome visitors on Independence Day, while the New Era Phillies Team Store will take a break for the holiday. The Eagles Pro Shop at The Shops at Rockvale will also stay open, catering to Eagles supporters keen to stock up on merchandise.

Parking and Trash Services

The Philadelphia Parking Authority will give residents and visitors a brief respite by not enforcing parking meters on July 4th, yet safety regulations must still be observed to avoid any complications. For those handling trash and recycling, it is crucial to note that the city's trash pickup services will experience a one-day delay.


SEPTA transit services will adapt to holiday schedules by running on a Sunday timetable. This adjustment ensures that public transportation is available while accommodating the reduced demand commonly seen on holidays. If you're planning to use SEPTA, make sure to check the schedule for any changes to avoid inconveniences.

Malls and Shopping

Several malls around Philadelphia will adjust their hours in observation of Independence Day. The Fashion District of Philadelphia, Deptford Mall, King of Prussia Mall, and Cherry Hill Mall will all operate with altered hours. Shoppers should check each mall's specific schedule before heading out to avoid disappointment.


Most banks, including regional institutions like Bank of Princeton, Fulton Bank, and WSFS Bank, will close for Independence Day. However, some ATM services will remain available for your financial needs, providing a degree of convenience despite the closures.

Wawa Welcome America Festival

One of the highlights of July 4th in Philadelphia is the Wawa Welcome America Festival, a celebration featuring a concert, parade, and fireworks display. The festival promises an exciting lineup of events and entertainment, drawing residents and visitors alike to join in the festivities. Due to the event, several road closures will be in place to ensure safety and smooth operation. In anticipation of the increased foot traffic, SEPTA will ramp up its train services, providing added convenience for those attending the festival.

In conclusion, planning your Independence Day activities in Philadelphia becomes easier when you have an understanding of what's open and closed. Whether you're shopping, visiting family, or enjoying the vibrant festivities of the Wawa Welcome America Festival, knowing which services are available will help you make the most of the holiday. Enjoy your celebrations safely and responsibly!

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